eoStar® Route Accounting Distribution Software is a fully integrated route management solution for the DSD market. It combines state of the art forecasting technology and advanced inventory management tools.


eoTouch®, the eoStar app for the iOS operating system, is Rutherford's latest product offering for your sales force, providing your sales team with up to the minute pricing, promotion, inventory, survey and goal information.


eoStar's Forecasting feature incorporates a series of charts and controls that allow you to input numbers or facts that must be taken into account while making sales predictions or purchasing plans.

Sales Analysis

The Sales Analyzer in eoStar gives you an easy, intuitive way to browse sales data and its drill down capability allows you to dig deeper to get a detailed analysis of the sales.


The Palletization feature in eoStar is a powerful, integrated solution that gives users the ability to build optimal pallets and loads without the overhead of exports and imports.

Voice Pick

Partnering with Vocollect by Honeywell, the industry leader in voice technology solutions, eoStar has designed the Voice Pick application using the power of Vocollect Voice® to increase the ease, accuracy and speed of the picking process.


eoWarehouse® is the eoStar Windows 8 based Warehouse Management application, offering users the ability to dynamically manage warehouse transactions and inventory from their Windows tablet.


eoMobile is the mobile extension of eoStar, running on both handheld devices as well as tablets. eoMoblie runs the pre-sell, off-truck, warehouse, and delivery applications; as well as eoSync and eoSurvey applications

Better data means better business!

software-box The key to effective business management is information. Having access to accurate, up-to-the-minute information is essential, as is the means to share that information with your team. This is where eoStar® Route Accounting Software comes in.

eoStar® is a comprehensive, Microsoft based solution that integrates key functionality such as WMS, Voice Pick, Forecasts, Surveys, Web Orders, Mobile Sales and Delivery into a single database, consolidating your information in a centralized location, allowing you to make the best decisions with the most current information.

eoStar® offers you unparalleled transparency and convenience concerning your operations, sales, finance and administration. eoStar is more than Route Accounting Software; it is a true Business Management Solution.

How We Can Help


eoStar is a Microsoft Windows based system developed with .NET and SQL Server for maximum flexibility, which provides management information for Direct Store Delivery businesses, with specialized support for Beer, Wine, and Soda distributors, while maintaining full support for many industries.


eoStar provides you with the tools to assist in every facet of your business, giving you a full overview of your company’s operations. Sales, operations, finance, and distribution all benefit from the eoStar platform. This multi-device data exchange, along with an array of functions and features, assists in the management of your business.


As a Microsoft Gold Certified Solutions Partner, Rutherford’s support desk is staffed with professionals who are available to answer all of your questions relating to the eoStar software. The Gold Certified status indicates the highest level of expertise regarding Microsoft Technology.


Rutherford makes your success with eoStar a priority, so we provide a comprehensive program of standard training. In addition to our standard training options, we also offer regular update webinars and release notes, online university courses, and up-to-date wiki documentation.

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What Our Clients are Saying!

Transitioning to eoStar was seamless and executed exactly according to plan. Now, every piece of data is readily available and actionable at all times. Intuitive, point-and-click software is operable by every employee in the company. What used to be a total of 12 people in the company using reports is now up to 200. Our increased reporting capabilities raised our credibility with retailers and helped us become category manager for a large chain.JOHN ROSS, VICE PRESIDENT OF IT WITH ANDREWS DISTRIBUTING

We were able to cut our administrative tasks way down, freeing our staff’s time to work on the company rather than having to sift through data. End-of-day route settlement is now centralized. Regardless of where a driver is, his route can be reconciled. With all four locations using handhelds, efficiency has never been higher. Since we implemented eoStar, our flexibility is amazing and our cost savings have been substantial.CHARLIE POPE, IT MANAGER AT COASTAL BEVERAGE CO., INC

Implementation was beautiful. eoStar came in, looked at our business, asked the right questions and developed a true understanding of who we are and what we do. You can see that Rutherford sincerely cares about our company and our business from the start. They devote the necessary manpower to make the implementation a success in the key areas of our business – administration, sales and operations. They “get” our business.RYAN MORGAN, DIRECTOR OF FINANCE AND IT OF SUMMIT BEVERAGE