312: eoStar – The Tech Startup Brewing Up a New Distribution System

Technology Blog Writer Podcast with eoStar’s President, Paul Rutherford

Aug 09, 2017

eoStar was a startup before it was even a thing so I invited them onto the show to hear their unique startup story.

Founded in 1986, Rutherford and Associates has over 50 employees based in the United States. From 1986 through 2001, Rutherford designed and delivered its Rutherford SX direct store delivery solution to leading soft drink, dairy, snack food wholesalers, distributors, and vending operators across North America.

In 2001, Rutherford began development on eoStar, a comprehensive ERP route accounting software solution that leverages .Net and SQL Server technology from Microsoft and fully integrates key pieces of functionality.

Rutherford’s eoStar® Software is now utilized by some of the most successful modern beverage distribution organizations across North America, including Monarch Beverage Company, Alliance Beverage Distributing, Andrews Distributing, Coastal Beverage Company, and Summit Beverage.
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