eoTouch Merchandiser is Here

Today, we’re proud to unveil eoTouch Merchandiser. Created to maximize the efficiency of merchandisers and streamline their processes, Merchandiser’s multitude of features gives you a clear view of all merchandiser activity. We’re pleased to announce that eoTouch Merchandiser is available for both iOS and for the first time, Android devices, giving you the flexibility to work the app directly into mobile devices already in use by your organization.

eoTouch Merchandiser provides a wealth of benefits to your organization. An overview of miles driven, time spent at an account, and overall hours worked by your team is delivered straight to your home office for easy and efficient viewing. The metrics provided help you construct solid insight on merchandiser activity as it happens, allowing your organization to see the fruits of its labors in real-time.

Mobilize your merchandisers with the latest app for eoTouch.

Assigned tasks at retail locations come with the ability to monitor completions, and possess fully integrated survey capabilities to gather key market intelligence at the source to improve your workflow. You can also balance workloads between merchandisers using shared territories. Your merchandisers can receive instant updates that a delivery has been completed while your sales teams are automatically updated about product needs at store locations.

Along with real time data and completion monitoring, eoTouch Merchandiser has key features to aid your merchandisers, such as:

  • Walkarounds to set up custom lists of products for various areas of a store. Products can be sequenced to match the store layout and the sequence of the merchandiser’s walkaround of the store.
  • Action items that are set up ahead of time to be conducting on a handheld device.
  • User surveys that can be completed and uploaded from a mobile device.

If your organization is interested in discovering what the eoStar software suite can do for you, contact sales@eostar.com or call 800-270-7558 today.

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