Why eoStar

optimize your operations

eoStar provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use route accounting solution designed to maximize sales performance, realize greater profits and dynamically manage inventory. With eoStar, you are able to optimize all aspects of your business including administration, sales, mobility,  delivery and operations. Users have greater KPI visibility by leveraging state of the art forecasting technology, advanced inventory management and the most powerful mobile delivery applications available.

eoStar RAS

eoStar® Route Accounting Distribution Software is a fully integrated route management solution for the DSD market.


eoTouch®, the eoStar app for the iOS operating system, is Rutherford’s latest product offering for your sales force.


eoStarOne®, is the cloud hosted route accounting software, created specifically for beverage distributors, looking to grow their business without outgrowing their software.


eoStar’s Forecasting feature incorporates a series of indicators and charts of information, with controls that allow you to input importantdata when making sales predictions or purchasing plans.

Sales Analysis

eoStar’s Sales Analyzer gives you an easy, intuitive way to browse sales data. Drill down capability allows you to dig deeper to get a detailed analysis of the sales.


eoStar’s Palletization feature is a powerful, integrated solution that gives users the ability to build optimal pallets and loads without the overhead of exports and imports.

Voice Pick

Partnering with Honeywell, the industry leader in voice technology solutions, eoStar’s Voice Pick application increases the ease, accuracy, and speed of the picking process.


eoWarehouse®, Rutherford’s most recent offering for users of the eoStar system, is a Windows 8 based Warehouse Management application.


eoMobile®, an extension of eoStar, runs the pre-sell, off-truck, warehouse, and delivery applications on both handheld devices and tablets, incorporating eoSync and eoSurvey applications.

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