Amazonification of B2B Sales

Interested in capitalizing on the 10% annual growth predicted over the next 5 years? By 2023, 17% of all B2B sales will be through ecommerce.

Generation X and Millennials are gaining buying power and shaping the way we do business. B2B sales have a new audience, new decision makers that are adapting to the trends of the younger generation. Dependent on and accustomed to the digital world, expecting immediate access to information anywhere and anytime.

Graphic by (Kelly, 2017)

The shift in workforce means your new purchasing managers and buyers will soon demand immediate access to product lists, new products, similar products, and the ability to order on their own schedule. The Amazonification of the shopping experience (constantly comparing pricing, looking for the best deals, and the speed of delivery) being a key decision maker of your consumer.

How are you expanding the options available to your client base? If you haven’t yet, now is the time to plan your next steps as the purchasing dynamic shifts within the beverage distribution industry.

Find out soon how Rutherford & Associates has helped to solidify your e-commerce strategy.

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