Our cloud hosted route accounting solution for growing beverage distributors

eoStarOne®, from Rutherford and Associates, is a new cloud-hosted route accounting software created specifically for growing beverage distributors.

All In One Hosted Solution

Includes SQL server database licenses, eoStar software, upgrades, and support.

Microsoft Azure® Cloud Hosting

Azure provides built-in support for things like monitoring, log analytics, patching, backup, and site recovery.

Unlimited Resources

As your business grows so does your need for more data storage and processing power. A cloud based system will allocate the necessary resources without any IT interaction.

Free Training Provided

You’ll receive access to the free eoStar University and eoStar wiki, as well our online knowledge base, eoDocs.

Low Starting Costs

There are no upfront charges for eoStar or supporting software. The monthly subscription model provides an affordable entry point with predictable recurring payments.


  • Liquor Licensing & Beverage Tax
  • Fintech EDI Integration
  • Advanced Reporting & Surveys


  • Flexible Pricing & Promotions
  • Action Items, Goals & Objectives
  • Build-to & Shelf Sequencing


  • Scheduling & Routing Tools
  • Inventory Management
  • Easy Orders-to-Load

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