The eoStar app for the iOS operating system

eoTouch® is one of Rutherford’s most recent product offerings for your sales force. Available to run on either iPhones or iPads, eoTouch provides your sales team with up to the minute pricing, promotion, inventory, survey, and goal information.

eoTouch leverges live synchronization, GPS tracking, live reporting and push notifications to give users instant access to account information and up-to-the-minute business insight.

On demand sales reporting equips each salesperson with valuable knowledge about account sales prior to placing an order.  Exceptionally fast sync times ensure that each salesperson’s orders can be transmitted throughout the day to help expedite the order fulfillment process within the warehouse.

eoTouch App Features

  • Pre-sell: Manage your collection of customers using customer list, product performance, live reports, and goals.
  • Service: Create and manage service tickets, action items while tracking parts, travel and service time.
  • Supervisor: Monitor goals, objectives, and action items for report-to employees along with order request, live reports and surveys.
  • Merchandiser: Track activity based merchandising, out of stock products, GPS, POS, action items, and time management.
  • Brand Manager: Review the brand(s) you manage using sale and distribution metrics, live reports, and product performance.
  • Key Account Manager: Manage chain accounts and managed brands using customer lists, product performance, and live reports.
  • Delivery: Deliver and sell off-truck using customer lists, product performance, live reporting, and DEX compatiblity (Redpark L2-DEX).

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