Introducing Rebecca, the DSD industry’s first virtual assistant, exclusively on eoTouch

Meet The Newest Member of Your Team

Rebecca is an interactive virtual assistant designed to simplify and enhance the selling experience on eoTouch. With Rebecca, your sales force is primed with right fit analytics, empowering recommendations that will increase revenue and minimize returns.
Rebecca makes the eoTouch user experience even better with voice interactions. By making inquiries such as “What are the best selling products at this account?”, “Who is the store manager?”, or “What is the past due balance?” relevant information is now a simple question away. During call prep or while chatting with the decision maker, you can now get the answers you need instantly. In addition, many answers provide one-tap access to the full details, further simplifying getting to the information you need.
Rebecca uses the power of natural language processing (NLP) to understand requests without any prior user specific voice training. With NLP, requests are intuitive and flexible. Whether the user asks for “What is the top 10 at this account” or “Show me best selling products at this retailer”, Rebecca strives to understand the meaning to return the right answer. Without voice training or specific keywords to learn, all you need to do is fire up eoTouch and you’re ready to go!
Rebecca does more than answering questions. Behind the scenes, she analyzes the user’s actions to proactively suggest, recommend, or alert. For instance, when adding a new item to the order, Rebecca can automatically run a machine learning model to evaluate the fit of the new product to that specific retailer and alert the user if the product is a poor fit. With new smart actions added all the time, Rebecca keeps getting smarter and smarter.
  • Intuitive Voice Interaction
  • Natural Language Processing
  • No Voice Training
  • Easier Employee Onboarding
  • Constantly Evolving

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