December 2014 Release Highlights

A number of changes have been incorporated into eoStar for the upcoming release. Below is a brief description of some of the more notable improvements. For a more detailed list of the improvements in this release version, you may visit the Releases Notes page at wiki-eoStar or click here.

If you would like to schedule and upgrade or have any other questions regarding eoStar or the new features in this release, contact Rutherford Support at 877.477.9977 or email at


ION Reporting

A new report has been added to ION in eoStar called the Backorders Report. This report allows for the reporting of all backorder requests.

Along with the inclusion of the new report, a new Remaining Allocations column has been added to several reports in ION including:

  • Depletion
  • Inventory Days on Hand
  • Inventory Levels
  • Sales | Inventory

The Sell only via allocations tab was added to the ION Item Information tab of all ION reports that include item level information.

For more information, visit ION Backorders on wiki-eoStar.

Ion Reports


Backorder Screen

In Orders, you’ll find that the Backordered Items screen has been modified. The screen now provides a list of all the products that have backorders. These backordered items are divided into 3 categories:

  • Able to release
  • Able to release partially
  • No inventory

For more thorough instructions, visit Releasing Backorders at wiki-eoStar.

Backordered Items

Backordered Items


FIFO Changes

A new checkbox has been added to the Product > Record > More panel of Product Records called Exclude from FIFO. This checkbox allows a product to be flagged as not to be used for FIFO calculation. This means that transactions for this product will instead pull their cost from the auto or manual cost.

For more information, visit FIFO Costing at wiki-eoStar.

Fifo costing

FIFO Costing


MillerCoors Survey Initiative

MillerCoors is making a push this year to have distributors report on their tap handle data. Users should utilize the Ion Distribution Report. This report includes information on distributor and competitor tap handle data that is collected. These fields can be found under the Report figures for this report.

For more detailed instructions, visit Distribution Reports on wiki-eoStar.

MillerCoors Survey

MillerCoors Survey



The latest versions of eoTouch are compatible with iOS 8 and above. If you have upgraded your iOS device to the latest operating system, contact support for a link to the latest version of eoTouch.

Moving forward, future builds of eoTouch will be targeting iOS 8.1 to take advantage of the new features and additional functionality it provides.

eoTouch and iOS 8

eoTouch and iOS 8


Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve 8‌ – 6‌PM
Christmas Day Closed
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New Year’s Eve 8‌ – 6‌PM
New Year’s Day Closed
J‌anuary 2nd 8‌ – 6‌PM

On call support will be available throughout the holiday season at 877.477.9977

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