February 2013 Newsletter

Topics include: Quarterly Release, Tips and Tricks, Discontinued Support, Tech of the Year and Payment Central Webinar…

Quarterly Release

eoStar has published its first quarter release notes for 2013 detailing all the improvements and fixes that have been applied throughout the last quarter. Listed below are a few release highlights, but you can view the quarterly release highlights in their entirety on our wiki site by clicking HERE.


eoStar now supports Zebra stock paper instead of the custom paper previously used.

Supplier Reporting

  • MSA Red Bull: eoStar is now certified with MSA/Red Bull for the new Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) exports. Customers need to be on version 12.11.19 or higher and must contact MSA to start the testing process
  • MillerCoors Display Initiative: By checking the Allows displays on location flag in the Beer Wine panel, customers have an SRS field to indicate stores that are purchasing products who also are capable of product displays, simplifying the collection of data.
  • Coca Cola Master Data Initiative: Master Data provides an infrastructure for Coca-Cola corporate to create and maintain a master database where individual distributors can download and update specific item and customer information from corporate.

DEX 4010

In addition to existing formats for data transmission between eoStar and retail stores, the DEX 4010 is now supported.

Tips and Tricks

eoStar Navigation Shortcut

gray_arrow_fields_213ca67In eoStar, by left-clicking the gray arrow next to an entry field, a data list is presented to choose information from.

But, by right-clicking the gray arrow, you are taken directly to the record chosen for that field.


This can be a quick and efficient way to review or quickly edit specific record information without shuffling through screens.

Tech of the Year

awardJill Streur

Jill Streur won the award for Support Tech of the Year for a third time in a row. The nominations for the award are entirely client based and Jill’s win is indicative of her dedication to great customer service. Congratulations Jill.

Discontinued Support

Microsoft Windows XP

Later this year, eoStar will be upgrading to Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, to further enhance the eoStar platform with better tools and capabilities. Visual Studio 2012 runs on a .NET 4.5, which is incompatible with Microsoft Windows XP.

Please note that while all versions of eoStar released prior to the upgrade will continue to work with Windows XP, all versions releasedafter the upgrade will only run on Microsoft Windows Vista or higher.

Upcoming Webinar

Payment Central

new_blue_computer1Rutherford & Associates is pleased to announce 2 FREE Webinars to take place on February 27th, at 10AM and3PM (EST).  These training sessions will discuss the new Payment Central feature for eoStar. To register for one of the two meeting times, click the link below.


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