February 2015 Newsletter


Looking Ahead

eoStar in 2015

Over the years, we have built eoStar on the ideas and suggestions that we have received from our customer base. Your feedback is very much appreciated, and we attribute the success of eoStar to the implementation of these great ideas.

As we enter into the new year, we are going to continue our focus on the enhancement process.

To better prioritize the enhancements, we would like our clients to reach out and call attention to any previous requests that they wish to re-establish or escalate as priorities.

Service Application

New eoTouch Feature

Coming soon to eoTouch will be the ability to manage service tickets. By tying into eoStar’s Call Center, users will be able manage service tickets with their iOS device.

Some of the highlighted features of this new Service application will include:

  • Location and route mapping
  • Travel, start and stop time identification
  • Service ticket prioritization
  • Procedure assignment
  • Parts availability

Click the links below to preview the app:

Image 1                Image 2              Image 3


Jill Streur has been promoted to Account Manager here at Rutherford. Jill has been with Rutherford since 2009, holding several positions including Customer Support Technician and Implementation Project Manager.

The Account Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing customer relationships
  • Regular communications with stakeholders and other users
  • On-site visits to assigned accounts

To enhance communication between Rutherford and our customers, Jill will be overseeing our biannual survey initiative, which will aid in evaluating eoStar software, support and resource allocation.

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