January 2014 Release Highlights

Topics include: eoStar University, 3rd Quarterly Release, ION Billing Codes, Import Purchase feature…

A number of changes have been incorporated into eoStar for January.  Some of the more noticeable improvements have been made to ION Reports.  These improvements include the addition of several new reports (Schedule Reports, Transfer Reports), as well as the enhancement of existing reports to include new functionality (Billing Codes).  For a more detailed list of all the release notes for January, you may visit the Releases page on our wiki or click here

Schedule Report

eoStar Schedule Report

Based on customer feedback, we have added a new ION Report that gives users the ability to view reports related to employee schedules. The user may also include sales information for re-routing and route balancing purposes.

Transfer Report

eoStar Transfers Report

The newly added ION Transfers Report can create reports based on warehouse to warehouse transfers, truck loads, adds, cuts, and strips, kits, writeoffs, and repacks. The report can provide the user with a variety of information about these transfers, including items, source and destination, quantities, costs, and more.

Billing Codes

eoStar Billing Codes in ION

Previously, SQL reports would be needed for reporting on billing codes in eoStar. Now that Billing Codes have been incorporated into ION Reports, running the additional report in SQL is no longer necessary. With the inclusion of Billing Codes, ION Reports in eoStar has become a more convenient and complete reporting feature.

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