June 2013 Release Highlights

Topics include: Q2 Release Highlights, GL Changes, Vending Commissions, Payment Central, Bank Deposits, Upgrade Process and eoTouch…

Q2 Release Highlights

A number of enhancements and improvements have been incorporated into eoStar for the Q2 release. Additional functionality has been added to several areas including Vending, Payment Central, Bank Deposits, and more. Below is a brief summary of a few of the more significant changes to eoStar.

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GL Changes


GL in eoStar has been improved to augment your ability to balance information in eoStar to your financial package. The design improvements affect several areas including: setup, adjustments, and reconciliation. Regarding adjustments, eoStar now utilizes DR/CR tables, which allows the original batch to remain unaltered while automatically creating new adjustments in the open batch. So, you no longer need to run adjustments as a separate process, and the adjustments are tied back to the original tickets rather than being summarized into an adjustment batch. The DR/CR tables in conjunction with the new reconciliation screens will result in a more streamlined month-end process.

Vending Commissions


In the Q2 version of eoStar, there have been a number of enhancements made to the vending commissions to improve functionality and simplify operations. These improvements include: enhanced computation, basic error checking, printing and exporting, accrual generation and the ability to reprint checks.

Payment Central


Payment Central was designed to serve as a centralized location to consolidate or replace a number of other functions (payment processing, chain payment entry, apply open credits and AR adjustments).  Recent additions to Payment Central have further increased the functions that users can perform within the program.  These new enhancements include the ability to: void or bounce checks, generate new batch summary reports, navigate and investigate customer or invoice records and apply a new “miscellaneous” charge.  All of these tasks can be performed directly within Payment Central.

Bank Deposits


There is an updated interface for creating bank deposits in eoStar. This new feature streamlines the way bank deposits are entered by consolidating and simplifying the process. The new bank deposits screen pulls its information from real-time sources like reconciliations and payment amounts. Another key feature is the ability to select a bank account to apply the deposits to, making month end reconciliation even easier.

Upgrade Process

GL Adjustments

The General Ledger logic in the Q2 release of eoStar has been rewritten to improve functionality.  Due to this change, GL adjustments must be run prior to upgrading to ensure that the adjustments will be posted to your GL account.

Handheld Printer

After the upgrade on the mobile device has been completed, the user will need to reconfigure the printer settings on the handheld, choosing a specific printer, rather than a general manufacturer.


Database Upgrade

In order to ensure successful operation of the latest version of eoTouch, users should upgrade their eoStar database to the Q2 release version.

Upcoming Webinar

At the end of July, Rutherford and Associates will be hosting a series of webinars concerning eoTouch. We will be sending invitations soon, so keep an eye on your inbox.

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