March 2012 Newsletter

Meet Our New Employees!

Since the start of 2012, Rutherford has added a significant number of associates to our team. We are proud to introduce the new members of the company!

Technical Support

Andrew Timmons graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a degree in business information systems.
Marlene Tate has 15 plus years of technical support experience under her belt, and went to school for computer information systems.

Michael Secord graduated with a degree in accounting & computer information systems, and has experience in technical support and customer service.

Steve Gilmore is a Baylor University graduate hailing from Dallas, Texas with training in information systems. He has been a Michigan resident for nearly 2 years.
Ryan Taylor is a computer science graduate who moved to West Michigan from Cambridge, England about 2 years ago. Most clients refer to him as ‘Ron,’ due to the thickness of his English accent.
Chris Curtis is the newest addition to the support tech group. He studied computer science, and in his spare time, likes learning new programming languages.
Derek Kempker is currently on his way to a master’s in information systems. He is from Muskegon, Michigan and before hiring in here, he worked in manufacturing.
Joel Allison is a recent graduate of Central Michigan’s computer science program. Previous to Rutherford & Associates, he worked in manufacturing.

Developers & QA

David McKay is the newest addition to our developer team. He previously worked in Grand Rapids as a software engineer within the broadcasting industry, and studied physics at Grand Valley State University.
Jon Boyce spent a couple years in support for translation management software for a Grand Rapids company before becoming an associate here. He went to Grand Valley State for information systems.
Chet Birchmeier is a recent graduate of the computer gaming & simulation program at Davenport University, and joined Rutherford after a software development internship in Grand Rapids.


Kris Dobrowitsky has a background in the publishing industry. Before Rutherford, she worked as a manager for training & support. Kris is originally from Monterey, California.

eoStar User Conference

August 15-17

The 2012 eoStar User forum is fast approaching. We have some exciting events planned. It will take place at the beautiful Frederik Meijer Gardens, one of West Michigan’s most popular attractions located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Look out for more details about the event coming soon, including activities, speakers, hotel recommendations and more!

To register your company, click here.

Upcoming FREE Web Training

Watch for it this month!

Rutherford & Associates is pleased to announce 2 new, free LiveMeeting web trainings for eoStar customers. These training sessions will cover multiple aspects of General Ledger and will be presented by a technician. These events are specifically designed to introduce new eoStar functionalities, products and enhancements.

The 1 hour seminar will cover key areas of General Leger in eoStar, including adjustments, groups, rule sets, sources, and batches. The technician will answer frequently asked questions and provide time to cover any additional topics regarding General Ledger.

Check out the New Training Videos

Our own Ben Dora produced these easy-to-follow training guides. Click the links to watch them now (must log in to the eoStar wiki to view tutorial videos).

Learn the ins and outs of navigating through eoStar with theNavigation Introduction tutorial videos. They cover:

  • Basic navigation
  • Records vs. functions
  • Grids and grid controls
  • Customer, product and employee selectors
  • Tracker screens

Master the art of General Ledgerwith tutorial videos covering the following topics:


Rutherford & Associates has discontinued support for the following:

Crystal Reports – We are currently in the process of helping customers migrate their existing Crystal reports to DevX. Please check with your support representative for progress.
SQL 2005 – Another reminder to upgrade to SQL 2008 ASAP if you haven’t already. eoStar 2012 is not compatibile with SQL 2005.
IIS 6 – Another reminder to upgrade to IIS 7 ASAP if you haven’t already.


Introducing Price Like
Assigning pricing just got a little easier

The Price Like function is found in Customer Records, Terms panel. It assigns pricing from one customer (customer 1) to another (customer 2) with 2 clicks. When selected, every change in pricing made to customer 1 will apply to customer 2.

This new feature is a real time saver, and eliminates the need for your employees to repetitively assign the same pricing to different customers. It also reduces human error—users no longer have to remember to make a change to every customer, because with Price Like, it changes automatically!

If you have any questions about Price Like, please contact the support department.

Rutherford’s Annual Chili Cookoff

This year, the competition was fierce and the chili was spicy. In the end, Mike Cook took 1st place, and Kris Dobrowitsky nabbed a close second. We enjoyed all entries, which ranged from sweet to hearty to unbelievably spicy.



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