November 2011 Highlights

Topics include: Co-op Plugin, Laid-in Cost Fields and Product Summary Filter…

Co-op Plugin

The Co-op Plugin is a new feature we developed to let you create customer groups that are able to purchase products as a single entity. This gives customers the opportunity to take advantage of quantity pricing. Want to know more? Check it out here.

coop main


Laid-in Cost Fields

Used as a quick-reference tool, you are now able to see a breakdown of laid-in cost components in the ION Inventory Valuation Report. It’s an easy way of viewing these components without having to launch the Laid-In Cost Manager. Learn more.

laid in costs field


Product Summary Filter

This useful addition to product records offers the ability to view an item’s summary information for any warehouse. Before, only the data for the main warehouse was available. But with this new filter, you are able to compare YTD or MTD sales for each of your warehouses and see how well each is selling product individually. Want to know more about this new feature? Click here.


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