October 2012 Newsletter

Topics include: User Forum Results, eoStar Client Awards, XP Support, eoTouch, Forecasting, Free Training…

User Forum

Event Exceeds Expectations

user forumThis past August, Rutherford and Associates held its biennial User Forum, an interactive and mutually beneficial technology conference, at Fredrick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During the forum, Rutherford and Associates presented customers with its path for the future, discussing topics relating to both the business aspect of the company as well as eoStar itself.

The portion emphasizing the technical side of eoStar was focused for IT managers and administrators. The non-technical portion dealt with the business aspects of eoStar, designed for CEOs, Managers, and Sales Directors. Some of the topics discussed ranged from goals and objectives to mobility. For a list of topics and forum presentations, visit the eoStar Wiki page: User Forum.

Helping Us Help You

Through a series of exercises, eoStar customers were able to generate honest and fair feedback regarding the program. The feedback received has been assisting us in fixing gaps in the program and helping bolster our support for customers.  The information gathered at the event revealed certain patterns. Whether the exercise involved adding additional features to improve productivity or identifying issues that prevented the company from maximizing its potential, it became clear to us that certain features took precedence. In fact, of the 34 new features suggested, responses to the top 6 accounted for over 50% of the feedback received.

After the gathering and analysis of the feedback, the overwhelming interest in the 6 most sought after features helped us prioritize which features would be developed and implemented first.  This method of direct user influence proved so valuable to us that we are exploring options to implement a similar process as a more permanent service solution.

forum results

And The Award Goes To…

During the forum, in acknowledgement for their roles in furthering the use and development of eoStar, Rutherford and Associates recognized the following companies for their contributions:

NL_Andrews   eoStar Advocate Award – Andrews DistributingThis year’s recipient was the first customer to use Voice Pick in a live environment. As an appreciated partner, Andrews Distributing has also hosted numerous site visits.


NL_MonarchImplementation Award – Monarch Beverage
This award is given by the implementation team. Monarch Beverage went as far as to create M&M’s to advertise the switch over to eoStar to their employees.


NL_WrightSupport Team Award – Wright Wisner Distributing
This award is given to a customer by the support team. Wright Wisner has been exceptional in providing extensive and precise context when reporting issues, facilitating easier corrections.


NL_CoastalInnovation Award – Coastal Beverage
The innovation award is given to a customer for implementing the latest eoStar technologies. Coastal Beverage was the first customer to assist with our palletiziation efforts. They are also the first customer to use eoStar from end to end, including eoStar’s newly built-in palletizing program and Voice Pick logic to manage the loading of trucks.


Vision Award – Manhattan Beer Distributing
This award goes to customers that believe in Rutherford & Associates and continue to challenge us. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Manhattan Beer Distributing.

Cutting-Edge Award – Ozarks Coca Cola/Dr. Pepper Bottling Company
This award goes to customers that have been on more releases and release candidates than any other eoStar Customer.  We give thanks to Ozarks for their patience and look forward to continuing our partnership.

XP Support

The sun is setting

In the near future, eoStar will be adopting Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, an integration solution to improve functionality and provide enhanced business and consumer applications. However, due to a conflict with the .net 4.5 framework used by Visual Studio, the Microsoft Windows XP operating system will be incompatible with any versions of eoStar released after the switch. Those who continue to run Microsoft XP will still be able to run eoStar versions released prior to the switch. For more info, visit Microsoft XP on our Wiki.

eoStar Beta


eoToucheoTouch, the eoStar app for the iOS6 operating system, is currently in beta test. Even in its beta form, the app is garnering extremely positive feedback. This is a direct result of the value added features that have been incorporated and integrated due to the iOS6 platform.


Finally, eostar will have the capability to provide detailed and customizable product forecast solutions. Now in beta test, eoStar Forecasting was developed in collaboration with our customers to ensure usability. eoStar Forecasting will provide a “friction free” interface to manage and explore relevant, contextual data including: product history, price, competitor performance and seasonality.


If you are interested in participating in one of these beta tests, please contact Support.

Free Training

Upcoming Web Training

Rutherford & Associates is pleased to announce 2 FREE LiveMeeting web training opportunities in the near future. Keep an eye out for November and December training session sign up email coming soon.


Basic DX Report Writing
•Led by Andrew Timmons


Advance DX Report Writing
•Led by Chris VanRandwyk

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