October 2014 Newsletter

Topics include: New Release Announcement, iOS8 and eoTouch, Fintech Exports, eoStar University and NBWA 77. ..

Upcoming Release Version

Rutherford and Associates will be releasing the latest version of eoStar in early November, for beta testing. The beta test will be followed by the general release shortly after.

If you would like to participate in the beta release, please contact your team leader or account manager.

eoTouch and iOS 8

eotouch and ios8

Some eoTouch users that upgraded to iOS 8 found that they were unable to use the latest version of eoTouch. The reason is that iOS 8 currently contained a bug that prevents users from installing Ad Hoc or Enterprise builds if the app was already installed prior to upgrading to iOS 8. This cannot be completely solved without Apple providing a fix to iOS 8.

As an official fix from Apple has not yet been provided, Rutherford strongly advises that users do not upgrade their devices to iOS 8. If a device has already upgraded to iOS 8, Rutherford has developed a version that will accommodate this.

To download this new version, contact support@eostar.com.

Fintech Exports

As of October 10th, Fintech would prefer that all of our distributors use the X12 format. The export format can be easily changed by navigating to:



eoStar University

eoStar University

Rutherford has created an online learning portal called eoStar University to assist users in learning eoStar. eoStar University can run on your computer or mobile device, making it a convenient training option.

Courses are still being developed, but if you would like to register for eoStar University now, click the button below.

Register for eoU


nbwa 77

Rutherford and Associates would like to say thanks to all the visitors who stopped by our booth at the 77th Annual NBWA Convention in New Orleans, LA. It was great to connect with you and we look forward to our continued business partnerships.

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