September 2014 Newsletter

Topics include: Release Version Webinars, iOS8 and eoTouch, eoTouch Release, NBWA, User Forum Presentations …

Upcoming Webinar Schedule


A new release version of eoStar will be released in the next few weeks. Rutherford is hosting a series of webinars from 9/22 through 9/29 to help introduce and familiarize users with the additions and enhancements included in the new version. Don’t miss out on this extremely helpful and FREE training opportunity.

Below is a list of the webinar topics, along with their corresponding times, dates and discussion items. To register for the webinars, click the register button at the bottom. All webinars are set to the EST time zone.

9/22 – Scheduler Changes @ 9:30AM & 2:30PM

Customer AR, Fintech, Additional Tasks, Scheduler Tester, Default Schedule Tab Changes

9/22 – Order Processing @ 11:00AM & 4:00PM

Backorders, Re-Price Order, Delivery Dispatch

9/23 – eoMobile @ 9:30AM & 2:30PMOne Stop

POA, Session Viewer, Sales History Days

9/23 – Employee Commissions @ 11:00AM & 4:00PM

This webinar discusses changes and enhancements to Commissions and how they’re handled in eoStar

9/24 – GL/Multicompany @ 9:30AM & 2:30PM

GL Reporting, Multicompany Configuration, Company in Groups, Promo Groups

9/24 – Accounts Receivable @ 11:00AM & 4:00PM

Statement Configuration, Creating DX Statements, Running Statements, Create Bank Deposit, Payment Central Enhancements

9/25 – Cross Dock @ 9:30AM & 2:30PM

This webinar will detail the Cross Dock feature in eoStar

9/25 – Palletization @ 11:00AM & 4:00PM

Pick Group Changes Bottle Picking, Support New BB Version, Multiple Truck Printing, Registration Status, Default Pallet by Bay, Highlighting of Split Products, Hand Stacking, Delivery Sequence in Load

9/26 – Administration @ 9:30AM & 2:30PM

SRS Setup, Customer Promo Tab, Customer Schedules, Liquor License Enforcement, Extended Return Reasons day limit, Free Goods Qty Shipped, SMTP

9/26 – ION @ 11:00AM & 4:00PM

Item/Customer Information, Salesman/Driver from Order, Conversions, Auto Filter, Schedule Report, Changes to reports in Purchasing Group, Survey Reports, Purchase Report, Company Selector, Item/Customer Filter Additions

9/29 – eoTouch @ 11:00AM & 4:00PM

Auto-Bump, Tap Handle Changes, Survey Changes, Force Promos, Line Item Notes, New Keyboard/Left Handed, Handheld Messaging, Respect HH Sales History, Receivables View, Themes


iOS 8 Conflict

An issue has been identified regarding iOS 8 and eoTouch. eoTouch users MUST NOT update their devices to iOS 8. During testing, a conflict between eoTouch and iOS 8 has been identified where after updating, users were unable to enter orders.

Rutherford is actively working on a solution. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Rutherford Support at 877.477.9977 or send emails to

New eoTouch Release Version

eoTouch users interested in downloading the new version of eoTouch (14.8.1) should contact Rutherford Support to obtain the download link.

Support can be reached by calling 877.477.9977 or send emails to

Rutherford Attending NBWA

Rutherford and Associates will be in attendance at the NBWA 77th Annual Convention in New Orleans, LA from September 28th through October 1st. If you are attending, come visit us at Booth #426.

For more information about the NBWA Convention, click here.

2014 User Forum Presentations

The PowerPoint presentations from the breakout sessions held during the eoStar 2014 User Forum have been added to the eoStar wiki and are now available for download. The sessions detailed new features, enhancements and best practices concerning eoStar, eoMobile, eoWarehouse and eoTouch.

Click here to go the User Forum wiki page.

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