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It was around 2 a.m. when Adam Reeder, COO of Ace Distributing, received the call alerting him of the ransomware attack – a common occurrence in today’s world, especially for small businesses (in fact, 55 percent of small businesses will experience a cyberattack in a calendar year). Through vulnerabilities in permissions on the company’s physical, onsite servers, Ace Distributing’s data was breached and the entire server environment was locked. “Since our first truck left at 4 a.m., we started to put together plans on how we were going to troubleshoot,” Reeder said. The company took initial steps to mimic a small database on a spreadsheet and began delivering items using paper to get through the first day of deliveries. 

Prior to our joint venture, we developed a home-grown pick-to-belt system. However, it did not perform as needed when our footprint expanded, so we needed to ensure that we could easily manage the seasonality of our business without sacrificing pick rates or accuracy.
Our new warehouse operations rely heavily on our RAS, WMS and WCS systems being synchronized. Rutherford’s eoStar RAS with integrated WMS works seamlessly with our new conveyor system which feeds directly back into eoStar to complete the picking process.
With eoTouch, eoStar’s IOS sales app, our salespeople create and submit orders from the field. Orders are then dispatched and processed from within eoStar, which adjusts order quantities based on inventory and stages them to be palletized.


We went through an evaluation process, analyzing multiple route-accounting platforms, including eoStar. We had four specific criteria in mind:

1. Was the software developed by a company that had been in business for a while?

2. Was the company financially solvent?

3. Did the company work in the beer industry?

4. Did the company have a distributor of similar size using its software?

Through evaluating each system, it became evident eoStar can do everything we needed with an extremely small learning curve.


By rolling out leading-edge Honeywell Vocollect™ voice technology and wireless headsets, along with route accounting software from Honeywell partner eoStar, Clark Beverage was able to increase staff picking accuracy and productivity – while reducing employee training time and turnover. 

Coastal Beverage

Driver handhelds drastically reduced the amount of time our drivers had to spend reconciling and settling. Prior to implementing eoStar, reconciliation took anywhere from 15-35 minutes per route. Now, each route requires 2-3 minutes.With drivers able to track everything that happens on the handheld devices, everyone in the company has instant access to the necessary data. In addition to eoStar’s training sessions, we ran three internal training sessions of our own. These training sessions were extremely helpful in making a flawless transition from our previous system to eoStar.

eoStar is entirely scalable! Rutherford’s initial intentions for eoStar may not have been to deal with distributors like us, as our product portfolio is unconventional. Aside from beverages, we also handle the distribution of bar and restaurant supplies, juices, candy, snacks, liquor store supplies, and janitorial supplies. We have found features of the program to e useful, that might not have been designed with our specific product line in mind (like leveraging FIFO computing for our cocktail limes). Rutherford has gone out of their way to accommodate the nature of our business. 


Implementation was beautiful. eoStar came in, looked at our business, asked the right questions and developed a true understanding of who we are and what we do. You can see that Rutherford sincerely cares about our company and our business from the start. They devote the necessary manpower to make the implementation a success in the key areas of our business – administration, sales and operations…We’d recommend eoStar to other distributors of our size—especially if they have a large portfolio like ours. eoStar does an excellent job of helping us manage all those SKUs and data, which leads to a huge increase in productivity. 

By the end of 2007, TBW was ready to move on. “We looked around at different route accounting packages and ultimately landed on eoStar®. It had an attractive interface. It was intuitive and user-friendly. eoStar was robust, and when we compared it to what other software was doing, it was much more advanced.”
With eoStar Route Accounting Software, beverage distributors get a one-stop solution that combines key functionality – such as WMS, Voice Pick, Forecasting, Surveys, Web Orders, Mobile Sales and Delivery – into a single database. Customers get the benefit of having all operations, sales, finance and administration information consolidated in one location.

We spent six years searching for a new system. We considered other platforms, but they didn’t meet our needs for a variety of reasons. We approached ABI about using eoStar because of its modern interface, high data visibility, and the reliable SQL-based environment.
We estimated 14-15 months to implement and Rutherford condensed it into eight, which included all the necessary programming changes for the ABI interfaces and our WMS. Throughout implementation, Rutherford deployed resources to our location, and their dedication was phenomenal. It was one of the hardest experiences of a lifetime, but it was also one of the greatest.

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