Wireless DEX available for eoTouch with the Gimme Key

Rutherford and Associates has partnered with Gimme Key, makers of the most reliable wireless DEX adapter on the market, to offer eoTouch users a powerful communications tool.

The Gimme Key, combined with eoTouch, will help users streamline their operations, whether it be Direct Store Delivery (DSD) or Vending, by significantly reducing DEX communication errors while cutting driver delivery times.

The Gimme Key is durable and works with eoTouch devices right out of the box. It requires no charging, clips, or Bluetooth pairing, and replaces unwieldy cables that are prone to breakage.

By installing the Gimme Key in the DEX port of a vending machine, users save time and energy by limiting the number of times the machine must be opened and closed. The Gimme Key allows you the ability to get meter readings and column sales and inventory information without opening the machine.

If you are interested in reducing DEX errors, improving driver delivery times, and maximizing accountability, please contact sales@eostar.com for more information about the Gimme Key.

To learn more about Gimme Vending, Inc, visit their website at https://www.gimmedsd.com/.

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