Route Accounting
Extend oversight beyond your four walls. Track sales, inventory, and financials as they happen.
  • EDI Integration
  • Financial Reporting & Cashflow Management
  • Accounts Receivable & Payables
  • Easy Orders to Load
  • Inventory Allocation
  • Customizable & Flexible Pricing & Promotions
  • Inventory & Sales History Tracking
  • Supplier Reporting
Sales & Delivery
Equip your sales and delivery team with the information needed to win. Simplify route settlement process with our mobile application.
  • Real-time reporting from mobile device
  • Product Performance Surveys
  • Performance Management Goals
  • Service Ticket Process Management
  • Product Demand Forecasting
  • Single Screen Settlement
  • POS Management
  • Mobile Pre-sales & Delivery
  • Integrated Scheduling & Routing Tools
  • Flexible Rule-based Pricing, Promotions, & Supplier Rebates
Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
Access real-time inventory availability with a fully integrated WMS system. Remove paperwork, reduce human error, and increase delivery accuracy.
  • Real-time Inventory Levels & Locations
  • Task Management & Tracking
  • Space Management & Inventory Cycling
  • Barcode Scanning & Voice Picking
  • Simple Shipping, Receiving, Put Away, & Pricing
  • Code date tracking, two levels of Validation
  • Auto deplete & Replenish Specific Warehouse Locations
Voice Picking
99% picking accuracy with a paperless, handsfree integrated solution. Decrease employee turnover with increased productivity.
  • Flexible to Operation Requirements, 3 Modes of Validation
  • Real-time Pick Performance Feedback
  • Get Work, Record Picks, Print Labels
  • Layer Picking & Aisle Skipping
  • Handsfree, Voice Recognition Picking
Reduce damage and increase efficiency with palletizing pattern and load planning capabilities.
  • Pre-plan Pallets & Loads Build
  • Supports Multiple Pallet Sizes
  • Default Pallet Size by Customer
  • Custom Trailer Bay Configuration
  • Manual Override bay-by-bay load assignments
Business Intelligence
Become a trusted advisor and make informative recommendations by having access to market intelligence, cross market analysis, and product trends.
  • Identify & Recommend Quality Placements
  • Group Retailers by Sales Potential, Receivables Risk & Discount Sensitivity
  • Assess value of Potential Retailer
  • Insights for setting Service Frequency, POS Discounting, & Samples
  • Insights for establish inventory allocations & delivery routes
  • Set Pick Location Types, Minimize Replenishment Work
An extension to your sales team, easy ordering anytime, anywhere. Product insights, pricing and promotions, account information, and more.
  • View Inventory Availability & Allocations
  • Browse Inventory & Search Products
  • View Past Orders & Monitor Accounts
  • Detailed Invoice History
  • View Delivery Schedules
  • Access to Current Pricing & Promotions
  • Learn New & Trending Product Information
Take the guesswork out of purchasing the right inventory at the right time. Smart planning for consumer demand.
  • Predict Probable Product Demand for Set of Periods & Warehouse
  • Buffer Stocks Requirements to Avoid Out of Stocks
  • Reporting on Products & SKUs Demand Variability
  • Correlate Date to Business Demand
  • Analyze Inventory Investments & Service Levels
  • Identify Stocking Levels & Reorder Patterns
  • Accurate Sales History & Invventory Balances
Drop the clipboard and use merchandiser’s mobile application. Track performance, capture market intelligence with fully integrated survey capabilities. 
  • Build to & Shelf Sequencing
  • Identify Loss of Sales Opportunities
  • Visibility of Merchandiser's Activities
  • Assign Tasks at Retail Locations
  • Gather Market Intelligence with Surveys
  • Instant Updates on Deliveries & Product Needs